Sami Yusuf

About Sami Yusuf:
Sami Yusuf (conceived July 1980) is a British artist of Iranian Azeri drop. Sami's first collection Al-Mu'allim was self-delivered and discharged in July 2003 which achieved tremendous achievement. His second collection, My Ummah, which was discharged in 2005, comes in two forms, a musical form and unified with simply percussion. Yusuf's music contains for the most part of melodies to do with Islam and being a Muslim in today's reality. He likewise manages numerous social and philanthropic issues in his music. Quickly, he is quick turning into an extremely famous figure in the Islamic world, having made features for a few of his tracks.

By and by he has likewise started debate because of the way of his shows which preservationist faultfinders case have more in a similar manner as western pop shows than Islamic profound qualities he claims to embrace. In any case he has distributed a reply to these cases on his website.

His universal status has taken an agreeable upgrade on the second collection with the interest of the immensely fruitful class characterizing trio of Outlandish on the track Try Not to Cry¯.

Sami performed two of the melodies from his 2007 collection in his Wembley show (21 October 2007), and amid his US tour, composed by Islamic Relief

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